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Asda is a British success story. A mammoth supermarket chain which retails, General merchandise, food, toys and clothing. Famous for its Asda Voucher Codes and (Asda Price, Pocket the Difference) customers tap their trouser pocket twice slogan.

It is indeed huge and it now operates its own mobile network, Asda Mobile which is growing at a high rate and it’s Asda Pharmacy.

Where Did Asda Come From?

Asda was founded in 1949 and it began life as; Associated Dairies & Farm Stores Limited in Leeds. The name was arrived at after the merger of the Associated Dairies and Asquith chain supermarkets. Asda is an abbreviation of Asquith and Dairies.

asda vouchersThe first Asda stores were mainly predominant in the North of England. However as time went by Asda successfully entered the south after it bought out tough rivals Gateway Superstores. The move almost spelled doom for Asda as it found itself in a state where it was selling too much product and was fast running out of money.

Shareholders were once again called in to fund the company and help it survive. Fortunately Asda, was able to gain its lifeline back and under the careful leadership of Archie Norman, who was chairman of the company from 1996 to 1999 he steered the Asda corporation in adopting the successful American Wal-Mart Chain supermarkets business model.

During his reign Asda became a strong and vibrant brand. Asda is well known for its slogan Asda price where customers tap their trouser pocket twice, producing a clinking sound. The ads were launched back in 1977 and since then a host of celebrities have starred in their campaigns.

Famous campaigners include; Julie Walters, Michael Owen, Leonard Rossiter. In 1997 This company raised its profile after signing in the then famous and popular Brit girl band The Spice Girls who licensed their name and image to Asda.

Asda immediately introduced the girls for Christmas 1997 and gave its customers Asda Voucher codes for Spice Girls party supplies, official merchandise and branded children’s meals in the store restaurants.

Latest Marketing Campaign With Discount Codes

One of the recent marketing campaigns from Asda was the rollback campaign. The campaign saw a smiley face bouncing from price to price knocking them down and crushing them as customers stood and watched in awe.

The ad was used to reflect how Asda is the cheapest and most affordable supermarket in the United Kingdom. However, this is a claim that opened up a Pandora’s Box as other leading supermarket chains contested the claim.

The message had already been passed across an Asda still sustained its market share. The current advertising campaigns are focused on the price comparisons between Asda and its rivals. Now it has moved online and doing its major advertising on this frontier.

Their efforts to remain as market leader has seen and Asda discount codes introduced in the online platform. Now Asda has started competing with other supermarket chains on all frontiers and customers are enjoying the heavily discounted prices.

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